Why Customers Love Our Fast, Efficient Service

“Great equipment rental process. Everything we need with the most accommodating staff. Our clients are very happy with cost and service as a sub-rental. We will ALWAYS use Pablo and his crew from LIGHT IT UP!”

—KESSPRO Studios

“Christopher was a treat to work with and went the “extra mile” to get us through our shoot day smoothly and professionally. He has a great eye for detail and with his team, Christopher helped to make it one of the best out of town shoots in quite a while!”

—Richard Lyons

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris twice now. Both times he was incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, respectful and hard working. If you are looking for a talented Gaffer, with no attitude, who will get you a great look regardless of budget, I would not hesitate to hire Chris!”

—Johnny Derango

“Light It Up and their employees were an amazing help during our production. You can’t go wrong with these guys and I would recommend Pablo and his crew  to anyone involved in film, tv, or video.”

—Andrew Schaff

“You couldn’t ask for a harder working, faster on his feet Gaffer than Chris. A real pleasure to work with and a great, positive presence on the set.”

—Pigman Productions

“A pleasure to work with Pablo and his team! Easy going and will get the job done fast! Doesn’t eat a lot either so you can save money on catering. =) “

—Johnny Lee

“Simply the best. He sees lighting in a very progressive and unique manor. An absolute pleasure to have on set, with a wealth of un-intrusive knowledge.”

—FINC Entertainment Group

“Pablo and his crew are very professional, hardworking, and easy to work with. ”

—Johnny Ching

“I highly recommend Gaffer, Chris Williams. I have worked with him for 4 yrs. Not only is Chris excellent at his craft and reliable, but the value of what’s on the truck is amazing!"

—Cira Felina Bolla, Cinematographer

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